The first annual Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Car show took place on August 17th, 2019. We had an amazing turnout for our first ever show! Visitors enjoyed watching vehicles of all makes, models and years parade through Downtown Oronoco. The show took place amidst our vintage and antique vendors so shoppers and vendors alike could take a break to appreciate the special vehicles, talk with their owners and vote on their favorite.

Congratulations to the People's Choice Award Winners, Kevin and Paige Collins with their 1969 Mach 1 Mustang!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 15th from 2-5pm to join us for our 2nd annual Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days Car Show.

Visit our Facebook Page to see more Downtown Oronoco Car Show pictures and tag yourself and friends! Keep an eye on our Car Show website page to stay up to date on information about our 2020 show.

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Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days is an antique show and flea market event filled with goods from different places and times. It can be intimidating for beginner shoppers to navigate the lingo. To help you ease into the weekend, we compiled a list of the most popular words you might hear at our show to help you make the best decisions possible while shopping at Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days.

Antique vs. Vintage These are arguably two of the most used words you will hear at our event. So what is the difference between antique and vintage? Antiques are considered to be a piece of furniture, work of art or collectible object that is 100 years old or more. Vintage is similar but is aged at 25 years or older.

Smalls People often use the word "smalls" to describe small vintage or antique home decor items and accessories. Other worse to describe these little items of value are knicknacks, baubles and Tchotchkes.

Collectible Any item that is regarded to have value or interest for collectors is considered to be a collectible. Collectibles are often times worth more money than they were originally sold for.

Primitive To be considered a primitive, an item must be hand made, and utilitarian - think wooden bowls, spoons and such. These items were often made by untrained people. Primitives are generally very old and usually older than 100 years and therefore considered antique.

Folk art Folk art is antique or contemporary art made by hand by craftsmen, not artists. Folk art is similar to primitive but can be It is expressive and often colorful. Hand made picture frames, wooden toys, and cigar boxes are some examples of items considered to be folk art.

Upcycled This is a fairly new term used to describe a form of recycling. Up-cycled tend to be pieces of low value that are changed and become a product of higher quality and thus value. Jack-o-lanterns made from old gas cans are a great example of an upcycled item.

Art Deco A style of visual arts, architecture and design that first appeared in France just before World War I. Art Deco features bold geometric shapes and patterns accented by high shine gold or chrome and the colors navy or black. The movie Great Gatsby is a great example of the art deco style.

Mid Century Mod This type of decor is having major come back thanks to shows such as MadMen. This style from the 50's and 60's is sleek and simple. The furniture often features bright colors, gold metal, laminate tops, narrow or hairpin legs and is usually made out of walnut or teak.

Chinoiserie -This European interpretation and imitation of Chinese and East Asian art is often found featured on beautiful pieces of furniture and porcelain. Beautiful vases and screens are often mediums for this type of art.

These are just a few of the words you will hear falling from the lips of our vendors and shoppers during your trip to Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days and we hope you find the knowledge helpful. While we are happy to provide this information we'd be remiss if we didn't tell you that the secret to learning the most about the goods at our show is to ask the vendors. Vendors are a treasure trove of information and are more than happy to share their knowledge with the shoppers! Make sure to stop and ask about that interesting piece that catches your eye during the show. You might just get a little lesson in history and you will definitely walk away with a great story and maybe a new treasure!

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We are very excited to introduce our latest vendors in our spotlight series. Long time shoppers at Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days and also veteran vendors, this couple always bring a large variety of amazing "junk" to pick from. Take it from me, I bought 2 tables from them last year! Meet Cheryl and Woody of Junk Devotion.

Tell us a little bit about Junk Devotion.
It’s funny, sometimes we don’t even remember when this adventure started! It just sort of evolved over the past 12 plus years. Over the years we have inherited and appreciated various pieces of furniture, photos, dishware, etc. from family members. We then started seeing trash to treasure segments on TV and in magazines and suddenly we were hooked. We started picking up miscellaneous pieces that had been discarded by others and suddenly we had a garage full of goodness waiting for transformation. We love to take formerly loved (or trash to some) pieces and transform them to treasures that can be used in the home and garden. We’re particularly drawn to galvanized and industrial pieces once used on farms, since we both have farming in our backgrounds.

You are a husband and wife team correct? Do you have similar style and taste? Tell us a little bit about that dynamic. 
We are a husband and wife team, Cheryl and Woody Woodward, from Pine Island, MN. There aren’t many teams like us in the junking world, so we feel fortunate to share our love and hobby of junking. Our tastes are similar, but not always the same. We both appreciate a beautiful piece of wood and great metal pieces. Usually Cheryl can be found painting furniture behind the garage; while Woody can be found in front of the garage building rustic pieces of furniture. Occasionally we collaborate to discuss details and color combinations. Sometimes we agree to disagree on how a piece is put

When you are picking how do you decide what to keep and what to sell?
After all this time we get as much joy out of selling a great piece to someone who really appreciates it as we do in keeping it for ourselves. We’ve realized we can’t keep everything, so sometimes we use a piece in our home for a while, then pass it on. That’s the joy in junking, there are always more great pieces out there!

Where do you get your creative inspiration from?
Our inspiration comes from television, magazines, social media and other junkers. The crazy thing with junking is that we can see someone else’s idea and put our own twist on it because many pieces are one of a kind. Sometimes two pieces just magically fit together and we surprise ourselves!

It looks like you've been to a few markets already this season, what seems to be hot right now? What are the trends?
The trends are still the farmhouse look with painted furniture, metals and beautiful woods. Many shoppers are also looking for raw junk to accessorize their decorating.

How many years have you been setting up in Oronoco? What keeps you coming back year after year?
This will be our eighth year at DOGR. We were shoppers there for 20+ years and it’s fun to be on the selling side of it now. The conversations we have with shoppers are priceless! Sometimes we teach people the origin of a piece of junk and other times we learn from the shoppers. Every year we renew old friendships and create new ones. It’s all about the connections and it’s a whole other family for us.

Do you have any favorite food vendors that you look forward to visiting at DOGR each year?
We usually bring our own food so we don’t spend all our profits, but we do treat ourselves to the homemade ice cream sandwiches every day!

What can we look forward to seeing in your booth at Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days this year? 
We will have a huge load of farm galvanized junk to decorate the home and garden. We’ll also have plenty of “raw” junk for anyone who wants to do some creating of their own.

We are so excited to have you back in August. Until then, where can we find you and your work?
We have the Rescued Relics Pop-Up Sale scheduled for July 27 at the LTS Brewing Company in Rochester. We’ll join forces with two other vendors for this one day sale, complete with beer tasting and food trucks.

Make sure to stop by and say "HI" to Cheryl and Woody during Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days August 16-18! In the meantime, learn more about them and their work by visiting their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Junk-Devotion-115984551792958/?ref=br_rs

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Antiquing is often a family business and the vendors featured in our latest spotlight are no exception. Meet Cathy and Frank Dosdall. Cathy's mother and father started the family tradition of coming to Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days with their goods many years ago. They are some of our longest running vendors and we are happy to have them back year after year!

Your family has been a long time vendor with DOGR. Tell us a little bit about how that all started. My mom Marry Britt and dad Gene started coming many years ago soon after your event started. They were antique dealers known as Mary Britts Antiques.

 What keeps you coming back to DOGR each year to sell your goods?The tradition of being there for almost 40 years and it is a well run event.

Tell us a little bit about what we will find in your booth. Vintage and collectable items, repurposed stuff and Frank's refinished antique furniture.

Do you have favorite places to hunt for treasures to bring to DOGR?Perhaps a garage sale or auction for furniture to repurpose or paint.

Since you are a seasoned DOGR vendor, what advice do you have for new DOGR vendors? Enjoy the weekend and the good food. Meet your vendor "neighbors". It is fun to see the same people if you come back the next year. It's always fun to see the same shoppers come back to your booth year after year looking for new items.

Do you have any tips or tricks you can give to shoppers who are new to flea market shopping? Make reasonable offers. Most vendors are willing to negotiate. If something isn't priced, make an offer!

What is your favorite food to indulge in during DOGR? The Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches.

We cannot wait to have you back in August! Until then, where can we find your goods? This is the only in-person event we do. Selling online or local sales sites is all we do the rest of the year.

Make sure to stop by and say "hi" to Cathy and Frank at our show in August. Their booth will be located just south of the Post Office and filled with all sorts of treasures!

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Melinda Daubitz has one of my very favorite booths at Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days. As you will read below, I have made some pretty awesome purchases from her in the past. We are very happy to feature Melinda and Sparrow Antiques in our latest edition of the Vendor Spotlight!

First off you should know that I LOVE your booth. One year I bought two antique beds from you and I was in the market for exactly zero beds. Dana, we remember that year…lol, you also bought a mailbox that you were going to turn into a library in your yard.  We had so much fun watching you shop.

Tell us all a little bit about yourself, where you are from and what Sparrow Antiques is all about.  Sparrow Antiques is a collection of treasures from the past.  I am originally from the Chicago land area.  I relocated in Eau Claire WI with my 4 children about 18 years ago as a single parent.  I started to collect stuff, mostly broken.  I would repair and repurpose and then have little sales to supplement my income.  My love for collecting never stopped and my hobby became my second career.  We love yesteryear and just buy things that speak out and I think others may enjoy.

How do you go about collecting items to sell? Is there a particular style that you focus on?  We love to shop small towns, estates and auctions. Nothing like a good/full dumpster and a little sidewalk surfing! Our style is ever changing, we watch trends and colors and try to find things that we love and others might.  Many things I have bought, I bought for myself…..LOVED and then sell.  My house is always changing with my mood.

How long have you been coming to DOGR as a vendor and what keeps you coming back?  I have been coming to Oronoco for maybe 15 years,  I am in love with the small town feel. I love that the entire town becomes a mecca for shoppers.  Shoppers who love character, old stuff that tells stories of the past. The food is amazing and the great venders.  We look forward to seeing everyone, every year.  It feels like our little community for the weekend

We all have our favorite foods at DOGR - what are yours?  The food is amazing!  We really love the home-made ice cream sandwiches and the fireman breakfast is a favorite activity.

Do you ever get a chance to shop around DOGR? If so, what is your favorite DOGR purchase?  We don’t have a lot of time for shopping, but we do always seem to find a treasure for ourselves.  May it be an old bear, a handmade quilt from yesteryear or that one of a kind chippy paint piece that must go on the porch 

What kind of advice would you give to a new flea market shopper?  Well, we do like to give a deal! It never hurts to ask if we can do better!  I personally hate when someone rips on a piece, pointing out all its flaws…..for a good deal.  Our things are old and often imperfect that is what we loved about it and wanted to share it with buyers.  Also, I love when buyers want to know the story about a special piece….many things have been bought and someone told us the story, or who may have owned it.  Ask about the story, it makes each piece even more special.

 What can we expect to see at your booth in August? Do you have anything you are saving just for DOGR?  We are on the hunt right now, we have some medium sized chippy furniture.  Kitchen stuff is always popular and the colors are bright.  We are saving some wonderful carnival stuff, like a ferris wheel seat.  We like a few unique pieces to get folks to take a peek.  We usually have a little bit for everyone and our prices are great!

We are so excited to see you again in August. Who knows, maybe I'll leave with another antique bed! Until then, where can we find you?  We are so excited to come.  Truly our favorite place to be in August!!  Our new shop is in Eau Claire Wisconsin…just a hop and a skip away. Sparrow Antiques, 767 2nd Ave in Eau Claire WI is a shared space with Vintage Junkies.  We work many shows, helping each other out!

A follow up about the mailbox mentioned above. I was shopping with my sister when she bought the mailbox from Melinda. She did turn it into a little library for her yard and it is adorable!

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