Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days 5k


Come for the race, stay for the treasure hunting!

Join us in the first ever Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days 5k!  Gold Rush is a beloved antique show and market in our area that brings people from all over the country to our small river town to hunt for treasures.  For our inaugural race we are happy to announce your registration includes a beautiful run along the Zumbro River and a t-shirt.  We are excited to offer this new event to our weekend festivities and hope to see you there!

Race Day Registration and Packet Pick up:  7:00am

5K Start:  8am

Parking is available Downtown Oronoco for a small fee.  Street parking a short walk from Downtown Oronoco is also available.

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EauClaire Vintage and JB Galleries join the list of vendors coming to Oronoco


EauClaire Vintage and J B Galleries, of Minneapolis will be at Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days

J B Galleries, of Minneapolis

Welcome once again James Bailey, artist and  proprietor of  J B Galleries, of Minneapolis, MN,  Jim has been at the corner of MN Avenue and Second Street for many years.  And each year he has filled all four of his booths (F15-F18) with primitives and art. Jim brings the flavor of the Twin Cities gallery right to the quaint little town of Oronoco, MN.  Stop and browse!


Welcome Dana Gooderum, proprietor of EauClaire Vintage to Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days, August 17-19, 2018.  Diane has been collecting and selling vintage and unique items locally in Eau Claire, Wisconsin for a number of years. She has collected thousands of items of all kinds, so as she continue to build up her online catalog and you are looking for a specific item, just ask her!  Diane will be set up in Lot D072.



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A group by Vendor name and location for Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days

We are happy to welcome this group of committed vendors

This list is just as important to us as any other post.  We are grateful that these additional vendors have decided to come to the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days on August 17-19th 2018

Randy and Janis Archer,, D090, D091   Country Keepsakes

Marcia Roll,,                      D110-D113  Gems, Inc

Michelle F. Peterson,        G068

Donna Tilford,                  D171,  D172

Alan Sanderson,,               D10-D15     Past Antiques LC

Barbara Dalton,                E063-E065

Clay Eittlief,                      F010, F011

Daniel Fleming,                B001-B007

Larry Griffin,                    G075

Gary Schwartz                  D028-D030

David Hart,                       G045-G046

Linda Sobkowiak,             E061-E062

Clayton Barghusen,          K023, K024

Paul and Julie Saugen,     E088, and E089

Kelly Matera,                    G132, G133

Robert Larson,                  D106, D107

Mark Skretta,                    G114, G115

2 artists will share their wares at Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush

An Assortment of Denim and one-of-a-kind greeting cards brought to Oronoco

Simple Stacey's 2 2018

Beautifully created and available for you.

Looking for that “one-of-kind” card?  And maybe some help with meal planning that brings families back to the table. Then stop and visit with Stacey Suess  (Simple Stacey’s—Tastefully Simple and Handmade Cards). 

Once again, she will be participating in Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days, April 17-19, 2018.  Stacey will be in O2, on 2nd Avenue NW, West of the Community Center.  See Stacey’s work on Facebook


The “Blue Jean” lady, Patricia H Breese will once again be at Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days, August 17-19, 2019.  Each Gold Rush, Patricia fills two double booths with a great assortment of blue jeans and denim.  Patricia is located right along Center Street, on the South Side of the Community Center (D122 and D123)

Stop by the Oronoco Community Center during Downtown Gold Rush Days

Two vendors outside the Oronoco Community Center during August Gold Rush

Danger City Antiques will be found by the West door of the Oronoco Community Center

DANGER CITY ANTIQUES…even the name makes you pause and look over your shoulder to see if you’re being followed, doesn’t it?

Pennzoil Antique Label from Danger City Antiques

If you find someone following you, it’s because they are trying to find Bob Tuttle’s two booths filled with intriguing antiques ranging from Victorian to 70s vintage jewelry all brought in from Milwaukee.  We’re glad that Danger City Antiques is coming to Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days, August 17-19, 2018. You can find his booths in the D section, lots 145 and 146. These lots are almost right outside the west door of the Community Center.



Drew Picture Frames & Antiques outside the front door of Oronoco Community Center

Drew Picture Frames & Antiques

Faye Drewianka of “Drew Picture Frames & Antiques” has had a faithful following of shoppers at our event for many years.  We are very pleased to welcome her back to this year’s Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days, August 17-19, 2018.

Faye has three booths are located just outside the front door of the Community Center (lots D118, 119, 181).   She has pictures, frames and midcentury vintage so do stop and shop!  This could be just the place to find something to fill that wall space in the corner that needs something special.

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Leaf Filter North shows us how to avoid ladders in the Fall

It definitely is not an antique but it is a welcome addition to many homes


             Stay off the ladder for good

Not an antique or a primitive, but definitely something we all are in need of when the leaves start to fall.  Welcome for the second year to Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days, August 17-19, 2018, Leaf Filter North of Minnesota, LLC.  Mike Kasten and Keli Guilmette are located right on MN Avenue in Lot A006 and they will be eager to answer all your questions about their amazing product.

Gutter cleaning is a dirty and dangerous task. Discover how LeafFilter eliminates the dreaded task of gutter cleaning, so you can stay safe and off the ladder for good.

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