Linking our website to Facebook

cropped-GRsite-header21.jpgAs the Oronoco Gold Rush committee is working to better serve you we are setting up for all posts from the website to automatically show up on Facebook.  I hope this helps you to find us for this summers event.  Now mind you that sign in the picture does have the dates for 2014 but it was such a nice sign I had to use it.  So let me remind you; The dates for the 2018 Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Event is August 17th, 18th, and 19th.

We hope to see you in Oronoco in August. In the meantime keep visiting our website and Facebook page.

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Our Web site is under construction

Can you notice any changes since you last visited this web site?  In an effort to make your inquiries regarding the 2018 Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days easier, we are working to make improvements to the web page.

You will find photos of the volunteers from previous shows under the heading of past events photos.  The places you might choose to stay over night are listed under Shopper Information.  As we get closer to the show postings will be added to let you know the vendors who have confirmed that they will be here, and the maps will be updated so you can located your favorites.

Of course we are always looking for more volunteers so if you want to get involved you can go under contact us and find links and forms to fill out. Even though the majority of the set up for the show occurs in August if you contact us we could find something that you might enjoy helping with.


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National Night Out in Oronoco

Oronoco Gold Rush supports National Night Out in Oronoco

Alyssa is an Oronoco Gold Rush volunteeer who enjoys the Oronoco National Night Out with her family.

Many people who come to Oronoco for the Oronoco Gold Rush wonder where do those donations go.
One of the best avenues for those funds to go to is the National Night Out in Oronoco. This is a Tuesday night in August when the nation makes an effort to meet their neighbors. In Oronoco this is a very big deal.

For the past number of years Oronoco has enjoyed entertainment from the Fire Department with their truck and hoses for adults and children alike to have fun with.

The Olmsted deputies bring their cannine recruit to entertain all as they demonstrate the talent of their trained dog to take down any trouble makers.  We all maintain our best behavior.  This is a show we all look forward to each year.

The staff of the city of Oronoco also get involved in this very special night.  They work to get donations of toys or gifts that can be given out to both the adults and of course bags for the children. It does take a village to get this ranked as one of the best National Night Outs in Olmsted County. So if you haven’t made it to the Oronoco National Night Out yet make sure you mark your calender for Tuesday August 7, 2018. We invite you to come meet your neighbors at the Oronoco City Park.

Oronoco National Night Out draws a crowd.

Oronoco National Night Out draws a crowd. Residents from Oronoco join together at the Oronoco City Park for food, fun and prizes.

Oronoco National Night Out has a clown to entertain the children.

Oronoco National Night Out has a clown to entertain the children.

Oronoco Gold Rush Volunteers help cook and serve the food.

Oronoco Gold Rush Volunteers help cook and serve the food at the Oronoco National Night Out.

The Oronoco National Night Out has bounce slides for kids.

The Oronoco National Night Out has bounce slides for kids.

National Night Out

Oronoco Gold Rush Volunteers were recruiting for Gold Rush volunteers at National Night Out.

Oronoco Gold Rush volunteers working to recruit volunteers.

Carol and Patsy were recruiting volunteers for the Gold Rush event at National Night Out.

The Oronoco Gold Rush Event is a fund raiser to provide revenue for the Oronoco community.  It is a non-profit event that is virtually all volunteers. Some of the areas that these revenues support do include one of Olmsted County’s best National night out events.  The National Night out is held at the Oronoco City Park and is one of the most popular get togethers in Oronoco.

About Oronoco Downtown Gold Rush Days

On the third weekend of August the city of Oronoco becomes a haven for antique enthusiasts. Vendors arrive early and set up tents or even a spot in the grass, displaying their items for sale. The shoppers come on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Shoppers come to Oronoco from all different directions. For those who drive a long distance some hotels offer discounts just for this event. The City of Oronoco also has a campground. These options are for individuals or families who want to stay close and to shop all weekend.

The Fire Department offers breakfast, lunch or dinner including pizza, burgers or beer.  The Oronoco VFW also has indoor breakfast early enough for the vendors to get to before their day begins.  There are other items on the VFW menu through out the day.  As you walk down Minnesota Avenue there are appoximately 15 or more other food vendors. We try to have  what you need to keep on trucking during your visit.

We work though out the year to attract new vendors and to provide for the needs of our returning vendors so they will come again.  For our shoppers, we hope to show you ideas to repurpose antiques so when you go home and you can make an old item new again.

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Please Submit Your Donation Requests

donationrequestsDowntown Oronoco Gold Rush Days is soliciting donation requests from local organizations. The deadline for those requests is the end of business day on Friday, October 7th.

Requests can be emailed or mailed to POB 266, Oronoco, MN 55960.  Questions can be directed to Carol Olson at 507-367-2111.