Are you looking for your favorite vendors location?

Coming up, in order to help the shoppers who are coming to the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days, will be a list of the Vendors and where their booths will be set up.  The list will be posted in just another week or so and it will include the Vendors names (sorted by last names) Their company name will be included if they have an official name registered with us.

So if you are looking for someone in particular but only know their first names, or only the Vendor name you might want to contact them before they arrive to learn their last names.  Once they are here setting up their booths they might not hear their phone ring. 

Of course you are welcome to stop by the information booth which is always located in front of the Post Office and ask for help.  Carol is almost always there or one of the many volunteers who will help steer you in the right direction.


National Night Out is happening in Oronoco City Park

NNO Oronoco Gold Rush Volunteer cook the food.We want to Remind all of the Oronoco residents about the National Night Out event, that the donations from the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days helps to sponsor.  This is happening Tuesday August 7th, at the Oronoco City Park  We hope you will come and bring your children.

Taken well before the crowds showed up! This got really busy about ten minutes later.

Along with Fire Trucks, the Sheriff and his canine companion, there are bouncy houses and gift bags for the children.

There are hot dogs or burgers with chips and sodas for everyone who wants one. And you get a chance to meet the volunteers of the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days who will be cooking and working to give you a night to remember.

Oronoco NNO draws a crowd.And if you stay long enough there are door prizes for the adults as well.  Of course with the noise of the crowds you will have to listen carefully as the Oronoco Mayor calls out the names of the winners.

Before you leave please make sure you have wandered over to the table where they are looking for volunteers to sign up to help with this years Gold Rush Event.

It has come to our attention that there might be a misunderstanding about where the proceeds from the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days goes. Besides the best Fireworks Show that has happened in Oronoco there are many organizations that receive part of the earnings from the Gold Rush Event.  And if you come on Tuesday night you will get to see another example of how our NON-Profit organization,(Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days) does truly return the monies to the community.   And you too can become a part of this endeavor by volunteering and attending the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days beginning on Friday August 17th and ending on Sunday August 19th.

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One of a Kind Designs and Tin Treasurers are side by side

The very talented team of Naomi and Dave Atkinson are coming to Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days, August 17-19, 2018.  Commercially known as Tin Treasurers and One of a Kind Designs you will find an eclectic selection of antiques, picture frames, and multiple designs of created with architectural salvage. 

They are located on the corner of MN Avenue and 1st Street NW in Lots C15 and C16.  As you stroll by, you’ll be drawn in!

Crowned Brow Purses and Angry Minnow Vintage!

Sometimes we can write about a vendors, but at other times, a customer’s words will say it best:

I now own 3 of Christine’s awesome bags….and I love them all! They are 3 completely different creations, and I fell in love with the ones I chose because each spoke to my soul in different ways! Thanks Christine for the work and the vision that goes into each and every one!! Will there be a #4??? (Crowned Crow Purses)

Got an incredible flannel at Summerfest and absolutely love it. Thank you for your awesome craftsmanship. I highly recommend you check out the website and order a few for yourself!! (Angry Minnow Vintage)

Christine and  Ron will be joining Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days, August 17-19, 2018.  They will be located in lots D149 and D150 (the West side of the Community Center).   They were at Gold Rush last year and you will remember their unique pieces.  Do stop and see Christine’s Crowned Brow Purses and Ron’s Angry Minnow Vintage!

From Lake Okoboji Iowa comes Tina Sherrill-Range

Tina Sherrill-Range

Welcome Tina Sherrill-Range from the Lake Okoboji area in Iowa!    This is the first year that Tina has brought her unique merchandise—antiques/primitives/vintage to Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days this August 17-19, 2018.  Tina is right around the corner from the Fire Department, located in lot C008, behind the brick telephone building on 1st Avenue NW.