It’s Smart to Like Other Business’ Pages on Facebook

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I think it is important that we help each other, using our Facebook Pages! As you know, Facebook is one of the best places to connect with customers. So I’m reaching out to you, Oronoco Gold Rush vendors, to ask that you play along with us, if you will. As time allows, I’ll be going into our official Facebook Page, looking for YOUR Facebook Pages. Your business pages, not your personal pages.

I’ll not invade your privacy by using the Oronoco Gold Rush Page to send people to the place you post family images and stories about your life. That’s not going to work…but sending them to your business page will help you, right? Especially if one of the things you post on your business page is the locations of up-and-coming shows you will be at- we will help people find you, where-ever you might be.

In turn, we ask that you help people find us. Simple enough, right?

How to Like a Page

Follow these steps like another Page as your own business Page:

  1. Go to the Page you want to like.
  2. Click the three periods on the bottom right of their cover photo.
  3. You’ll see the option to “like as your page” from there.
  4. If you manage multiple business pages, be sure to select the right one!

You can only do this from a desktop or the Pages Manager App (not the Facebook app). If you’re on a tablet or mobile device, you could try logging in to your Facebook account via a web browser (Safari or Chrome, as opposed to the app) and then access your business Page and try and like it from there using the steps above.

Who has already Liked your Page?

On your Page, click on the Settings button at the top right. Then in that long menu on the left, find the People and Other Pages button. Click it. The drop down at the top of the list of people can be changed to ‘Pages That Like This Page’ and you can see the other businesses who have already liked your Page. Clicking on a business takes you to their Page, where you can like it as your business page. Sure, you can like it as yourself, too!

That’s where I will be starting each session. I’m going to like back all the Pages that have found and liked us. I’d appreciate it if you’d do the same. Then I’m going to continue to work on building up our Likes list by digging into Facebook for vendors to our show.

Now for the fun! Sharing each other’s posts!

When I’m on the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days page, I click on a link to YOUR posts. If I’ve liked your page, I can then share your posts onto my page, helping you reach more people. I do this by clicking on the button “See Page Feed” on the left-hand side of the Page.

As an example, I’ve shared an article about Mayowood by the Post-Bulletin.

At the moment, I’m doing this because I want to try it. If it is successful, I’ll ask the Gold Rush Committee for some guidance and assistance in managing this work. Now please understand that I can’t post everything back over to the Gold Rush page; it would consume all my time and I’d never get anything else done! But I want to give this a try, see if we can’t expand how we can help you. Consider it a thank you for your loyalty and your business to our event.

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