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Are you still on the fence about whether or not you should sign up for the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days 5k? Here are a few reasons we think you should hop off that fence and get registered today!

Inclusivity - Anyone can walk or run a 5k! It is a great distance for many people because the time commitment is completely manageable. A total beginner can easily train for this race in 6-8 weeks. There are many great training tools available including free apps that will help guide you along this journey. I recommend Couch to 5K.

Health - There are many health benefits to a regular exercise program. Whether your goal is to run or walk a 5k, you are doing your body and your mind a favor. Running and walking are both excellent ways to improve your cardiovascular health, build muscle and lose weight. Your brain will thank you too because running and walking releases endorphins which increases your mental health and decreases the body's response to stress and pain.

Goals - Life is messy and unpredictable. Setting goals can help us stay focused and accountable. Crossing the finish line of a race will motivate you to set more goals and work to achieve them. You will carry that feeling of accomplishment with you into every other aspect of your life moving forward.

Community - Many 5k races benefit non-profit organizations and the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days 5k is no different. Proceeds from the event will go back into the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days fund which is used to support local organizations such as National Night Out, the Food Shelf, the Senior Citizen Center, the First Responders, the Fire Department and many more.

Fun - The thought of running being fun may be a stretch for some, but I challenge you to look at it that way. You are outside. You are using your body. You are among friends and family. You might choose to dress up. You can listen to some great music. People will be cheering you on. You get an awesome t-shirt and a coupon for some great food!

We hope this helps you decide to join us for the 2nd annual Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days 5k on Sunday, August 18th. Registrations will be accepted through the morning of the event but prices will go up in July so register soon!


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Come for the race, stay for the treasure hunting!

Join us for the 2nd annual Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days 5k! Last year's 5k was very well received and we are happy to bring it back in 2019!  This year your registration includes a run through historic Downtown Oronoco, a t-shirt, a car window race decal and a $2 coupon to use toward a meal at the FireHall or VFW.

Pre-Race Day Packet Pick Up: Thursday, August 15th from 4-6pm at the Presbyterian Church of Oronoco located at 20 3rd St SW, Oronoco, MN 55960.

Race Day Registration and Packet Pick up:  7:00am on the basketball court in in front of Oronoco City Hall located at 115 2nd St NW, Oronoco, MN 55960.

5K Start:  8am

Parking is available throughout Downtown Oronoco for a small fee.  Street parking a short walk from Downtown Oronoco is also available for free.

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner! We are happy to announce the 1st place male and female racer will each receive a $50 gift card to TerraLoco!

We are so excited to once again offer this event during our weekend festivities and hope to see you there!

Register here: https://register.chronotrack.com/r/48399

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Norwex products are available through Kay Hillesheim August 17-19, 2018

Norwex products at the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days 

       Welcome back to Kay Hillesheim the representative for Norwex cleaning and personal care products.  She provides a wide variety of products, including but not limited to, microfiber, detergents, enzymes, silicone brushes, stainless steel straws, lotions, and essential oils.  Kay has been a vendor at Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days for multiple years and she will be delighted to answer any of your questions.  Kay can be found on MN Avenue right across from the Post Office.

Clean with Kay and Norwex products
Clean with Kay  www.norwex.biz/kayhillesheim.

Each year I get to see old freinds and make new ones.  I hope you will be one of my new acquaintances when you come this August 17, 18 or 19th.

Close up of Norwex personal products
Close up of Norwex personal products



Kay Hillesheim Norwex .biz/kayhillesheim or cleanwithkay@gmail.com
There are new products every year.




"Come check out how to keep your knick knacks shiny, and you antiques beautiful with Norwex..  Chemical free cleaning and personal care products that are safer, gentler, cheaper, and easier to use.  I love showing up at the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days and being able to interact with all the shoppers.    Got a cleaning problem?  Ask me - Norwex certainly has the solution!  Better yet, book a party and I'll come clean it for you. 🙂  I'm right across from the information booth."   cleanwithkay@gmail.com

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Boyd and Judy Hagenson are returning to the lot in the Pines

Boyd and Judy Hagenson, veteran vendors of Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days have confirmed that they will be attending this year’s event.

As always you can find them nestled in by the pine trees in the G lot.  This year in addition to bringing toys, primitives, figurines, and maps, they will also be bringing kitchen collectibles.  Perfect items if you are wanting to add a touch of vintage to your own kitchen.

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Shean Fritts, the creator of Bill, Clare and Jack
With gratitude we wish to acknowledge the work of Shean Fritts

As we move into the 2018 Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Event, we have been making some changes to the Website.

You might see less of our favorite characters Bill, the miner, Clare the brains behind the hunt, and Jack the burro who carries the treasures.  We would be amiss is we didn't acknowledge our gratitude to the artist who has given so much of his time to creating these for us.

Shean Fritts is not only has been the artist who created these characters but he has also served as a volunteer on the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Committee. Sean has put even more hours into helping to get the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Event Days into fruition.

Many do not know all the work it takes to put this event on.  All the Committee members attend the once a month meeting for a year to discuss all the work that needs to be done.  As different needs come up the individual members each help carry the load to get the tasks done.  As August draws near the pace picks up and more needs arise.  The committee members will be seen at the National Night Out either cooking burgers and hot dogs or helping the city staff to serve the food to our attendees.  There is also a committee member or two manning a table looking for more volunteers who might want to help at the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Event.

Well Shean is not serving on the 2018 Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Committee and he will be missed. But we can't let him leave without saying thank you.  When you come to the 2018 Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Event, stop by the information booth and you will still find Shean's work.  A favorite of many who come is to poke their heads into the holes above Bill or Claire so they can take a photo to remember each years visit to Oronoco.

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