A note of Gratitude to Shean Fritts

Shean Fritts, the creator of Bill, Clare and Jack
With gratitude we wish to acknowledge the work of Shean Fritts

As we move into the 2018 Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Event, we have been making some changes to the Website.

You might see less of our favorite characters Bill, the miner, Clare the brains behind the hunt, and Jack the burro who carries the treasures.  We would be amiss is we didn’t acknowledge our gratitude to the artist who has given so much of his time to creating these for us.

Shean Fritts is not only has been the artist who created these characters but he has also served as a volunteer on the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Committee. Sean has put even more hours into helping to get the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Event Days into fruition.

Many do not know all the work it takes to put this event on.  All the Committee members attend the once a month meeting for a year to discuss all the work that needs to be done.  As different needs come up the individual members each help carry the load to get the tasks done.  As August draws near the pace picks up and more needs arise.  The committee members will be seen at the National Night Out either cooking burgers and hot dogs or helping the city staff to serve the food to our attendees.  There is also a committee member or two manning a table looking for more volunteers who might want to help at the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Event.

Well Shean is not serving on the 2018 Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Committee and he will be missed. But we can’t let him leave without saying thank you.  When you come to the 2018 Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Event, stop by the information booth and you will still find Shean’s work.  A favorite of many who come is to poke their heads into the holes above Bill or Claire so they can take a photo to remember each years visit to Oronoco.