Awesome Oldies brings music to Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days

Chris and Jeff King “Awesome Oldies” return to Oronoco Gold Rush Days 2018

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Your waiting in line for your turkey leg, and your toe starts to tap, and then before you know it, you’re humming along with the music and you wonder, “Where are those awesome tunes coming from?”  You grab your turkey leg and soda, turn the corner, and then you see the tent and hear the great music of  Chris and Jeff King Awesome Oldies. They have a heritage with Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days that truly compliments the name of their business “The Awesome Oldies”.Image may contain: one or more people, sky and outdoor

Over the years we have seen the teenager walk away with a grin after purchasing a poster of his favorite rock-star; and the man and woman 50 years the senior to the teen leave their booth with the same grin because they found a CD containing all the music the danced to when they were dating.  Chris and Jeff travel throughout the Midwest bringing a lot of music joy and we are pleased they will be joining us again for Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days, August 17-19, 2018.  They can be found in the H section, 1st Street NE

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