Drinking Water

Free Well Water Screening for Nitrates

Do you have concerns about your well water? Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days is happy to welcome Olmsted County Public Health Services along with the Southeast Minnesota Water Analysis Lab to our show on Friday, August 16th.

Stop by the Downtown Oronooco Gold Rush Days Information Booth on Friday, August 16th from 10am-4pm where the Southeast Minnesota Water Analysis Lab (SEMWAL) and Olmsted County Public Health (OCPHS) will be offering free water testing for nitrates for individuals who get their water from a private well. The process is quick, easy and convenient. Water samples need to be collected in a clean, never used, disposable receptacle (e.g., water-tight quart-size plastic bag) and brought to the Public Health booth/tent. Results will be provided within 5 minutes. Staff will also provide information about water quality, the health risks of nitrates, and how they may indicate additional concerns.

Oronoco Gold Rush – Friday, August 16 | 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM | Information Booth