Bringing Families to the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days

As you arrive at the 2018 Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days your first destination might be the Information Booth.  This not only serves as the hub for the vendors who drive in from all across the country but it is a favorite for the many shoppers as well.   Some shoppers stop by to ask where their favorite vendor is located and one of the many volunteers will help them to find their way.

Photo bomb Oronoco Gold Rush
Kids join in the fun to become part of the Gold Rush family

Some families will stop by the information booth either as they arrive or before they leave just to get a photo of one of their family members photo bombing the Gold Rush characters as a souvenir to remember the event.  This and and the various choices of food and antiques often does create a story to be retold .

Photos are taken each year
Photos are taken each year of the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days by the information booth

If taking a photo in the paintings done by Shean Fritts,  is something you don’t want to miss let me remind you where to find these paintings. Each year they are set up by the South entrance to the event.  These and the  Information booth are located in front of the Oronoco Post Office.  There is no charge for the taking of pictures and it is really encouraged.

We want to remind all who visit, whether as a vendor or a shopper, the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days is a non-profit event.  That means after all the expenses are covered we divide any income that is left into portions to redistribute into the Oronoco Communittee.  One thing many residents of Oronoco agree on is that living in a small town with a big heart just can’t be beat.  Please come and share this experience between our families and yours.