City Vendors

This is a link for the ST-19 and The ST-19 Supplemental pages for city-registered vendors of the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush. You must have one of these documents turned in before you can set up on Thursday, due to requirements of the State of Minnesota Department of Revenue. Please mail to Oronoco Gold Rush, POB 266, Oronoco, MN 55960 or email with attachments to:

Please be sure to turn in a new form each year – we will be making these forms available to you in order to help streamline your registration and compliance.

ST-19 Form

Homeowners and Private Vendors

In order to help homeowners also be in compliance, you will be reminded of this requirement when you pay your gathering permit. Gold Rush is not going to hold these forms for you, nor are we going to be making the copies and sending them to the Department of Revenue. The ST-19 Supplement is written with language to help you gain cooperation from your own vendors. Please contact the Department of Revenue if you have any questions.

For more information, see Fact Sheet 148, Selling, Event Exhibitors and Operators. Failure to complete one of these two forms may result in a penalty for Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days or the homeowner of $100 per vendor for each day of the event. (See MN Statutes 289A.60, subdivision 17). For additional information see Fact sheet 132 and 148.