Oronoco Gold Rush Volunteers

Oronoco Gold Rush Volunteers from the 2016 show

A few of the Gold Rush Committee: Beau Hanenberger, Kevin McDermott, Skylar Breitenstein, Susan Evans, and Linda Sorensen — with Joanne Mcdermott, Skyler Breitenstein and Susan Evans at Oronoco Gold Rush.

Oronoco Gold Rush volunteers

The individuals with Red shirts on golf carts are at the Oronoco Gold Rush to serve you.

Oronoco Gold Rush Volunteers assist the deputies with information.

We are so appreciate our partnership with the Olmsted deputies helping ensure a successful show. — with Lynn Benrud.

Oronoco Gold Rush Volunteers include husband and wife.

Kevin & Joanne Mcdermott have been volunteers for many years. The show is very lucky to have them help out! — with Joanne Mcdermott.

Oronoco Gold Rush volunteers enjoy returning to volunteer.

What a great group of volunteers! We are so lucky to have volunteers like this come back year after year after year!

These photos are collected from the 2016 Oronoco Gold Rush Event.  As you might notice many of the volunteers wear Red shirts to help both the vendors and the shoppers to know who they can ask questions of.  As you enter from the South end of Minnesota Avenue there is an Information Booth set up to get directions to find your favorite vendors if you are a shopper.  The information booth also serves as a location for the vendors to meet the volunteers, to get settled into their locations etc.  If you are new to the Oronoco Gold Rush you will find answers from these volunteers. If your wish to get involved in participating as a volunteer we welcome new participants both for the older and younger enthusiasts.