Photos from the Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days

Oronoco Gold Rush Days has had some of your favorite iconic characters for sale.
Wooden pair of doors.
Shoppers enjoy looking as much as buying.
Army helmets can be repurposed.
Yard art is to be found if that is what you are looking for
If you don't find the chairs painted this brightly you can always paint some the colors you like.
Wooden Blocks Your Choice
Wooden Blocks Your Choice
Fishing gear
Yard art Pelican
Yard art Pelican

We would like to remind you of some of the vendors items you might have seen, by bringing you some photos of vendors booths from the past Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days.  Between the excitement of the shoppers and the joy of the children there is so much to be experienced.  This is just a small representation of the vendors booths from previous years.  As you come this August 17-19th you too might find an item you just can’t live without.

Oronoco Fire Hall has food and beverages.

The Oronoco Fire Hall volunteers are also our Volunteer firemen and women. We are proud they work so hard year round.

As a reminder the show does open on Friday at 7:00 am.  There will be breakfast available at the Fire Station or the VFW.  And because this Antique show is pulled together as a non-profit event, when you choose to purchase breakfast at the VFW those profits go directly to our Veterans who visit the Oronoco VFW.  And the same would hold true for the Fire Station, the volunteers from our Oronoco Fire Department are there for 3 days cooking and serving food (or beer) in order to raise funds for the Oronoco Fire Department. So come hungry and wear your walking shoes.

Small carts or wagons are welcome to pull the children, the dogs or the items you need to get back to your car.  If you need assistance when you buy an exceptionally large item we do have individuals who work to help haul you treasures to your vehicle.  The volunteers at the information booth keep the phone numbers on hand just for you.  There will be a small fee for this service but you would work that out with the hauler.

Another reminder, even though we know you might not be thinking about August yet, is to bring your sunscreen.  We are being very optimistic and are planning on sunshine. (Even though that is out of our control)