Working with KTTC to Promote Our Event

Having recognized that we must work hard to keep new audiences coming to Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days, we have turned to the media professionals at KTTC. They have created a wonderful clip for us that you will see on KTTC. Watch it now on YouTube here:

Everyone involved inDOGR knows that advertising and promotion is ever-changing. We are working to continue to to attract new audiences and to show returning visitors how much we appreciate their attendance.

You can help! Share this KTTC video with your friends. Invite people to join you at the event for shopping plus lunch. Find us on FaceBook, and then share our posts on your own walls. And while you are here, tell our vendors where you heard about our event this year. They want to know that our advertising efforts, like this piece with KTTC, are ongoing and effective.

Thank you!